Commercial Camera Placement And Maintenance Steps

A commercial security system may capture physical altercations, theft, and vandalism. Being aware of when criminal acts are taking place will allow you to take quick action to diffuse a problematic situation. Use placement and maintenance strategies to optimize the quality of the video footage that you are provided with.


Commercial security systems include wired and non-wired surveillance equipment. Wired equipment should be installed by a professional. This type of equipment will require the routing and stabilization of wires. Non-wired surveillance equipment may require the use of a rechargeable battery. This type of equipment will need more upkeep than a wired model since the battery in each camera may need to be removed at scheduled times so that it can be charged.

The placement of the cameras is the first thing to consider. A technician may point out stairwells, windows, doors, and other parts of your commercial property that should receive adequate protection. The parking area should also receive full surveillance coverage. A technician will be experienced choosing a suitable installation height for various types of surveillance cameras.

They will position the lens on each camera, ensuring that the lens is able to cover areas where people frequent. If you would like to conceal some of the cameras that you use on your property, shop for some mini cameras that are designed to be hidden into the design of the building. A small camera can be set up in a plant display or another feature on your property. 

Care Steps

If your cameras are going to be connected to the internet, you will need to make sure that your WiFi signal is able to reach each piece of equipment that you have professionally installed. If the WiFi signal isn't able to reach some of the cameras, you may need to move the router that is inside your business. Capturing effective footage will require a clean lens. Since surveillance equipment that is outdoors is more prone to getting dirty or wet, you will need to implement a maintenance plan.

Your security equipment should be inspected when other parts of your property are inspected. The lens of each camera can be wiped off or dusted as needed. To guarantee that you are receiving quality footage, review the recordings that your cameras capture on a frequent basis. This will alert you to any discrepancies that may require you to take further steps to clean the equipment.

For more information about commercial camera systems, reach out to local services. 

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