4 Features To Have In A Video Surveillance System

Have you decided to purchase a video surveillance system for your business? If so, it will help to know what features to look for.

Night Vision

A video surveillance system is not going to do you much good if you can't see the video feed at all times. That is why it is important that your surveillance system has night vision cameras. Being able to see what is happening in the dark is going to be key to making sure your property is monitored at any time of the day. 

Smart Phone App Access

Long gone are the days where video surveillance systems recorded the video feed to a DVR that is located in the building it is monitoring. Modern surveillance systems should have the ability to view a live video feed from your smartphone. This can help give you peace of mind that you can view the video feed at any time to see that your building is secure, even if you are far away. 

Cloud Recording

A video surveillance system doesn't do you much good if you can't go back and view a recording of what happened. Many modern video surveillance systems are moving the recording system from the physical building to a cloud location for several reasons. Not only does this make the recordings more secure from problems like theft or damage to the recording device, but it allows you to access that recorded camera feed from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet. In addition, the system automatically purges old recordings according to your schedule, so you'll know exactly how many days you can go back and view a previous recording. 

Security Monitoring Integration

You can't always be on top of your building's security, since things can happen at any time of the day. A modern video surveillance system should have the option to integrate it with security system monitoring. This means that if an alarm does go off at 4 am, someone else can log into the video surveillance system and view the feed to see what is happening. This can help prevent you from getting notified about false alarms, as well as immediately dispatch the police if something suspicious is happening. 

Think that you're ready to have a video surveillance system installed at your business? Reach out to a specialist in your area that can help you with the installation. 

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