4 Ways To Protect Outdoor Security Cameras Around Your Business

If you have a security system with cameras set up around your business, you have made an important investment in ensuring that your property is protected. If you are worried about your security cameras being harmed by vandals, there are steps that you can take to protect your security cameras from being harmed.

#1 Place the Camera Up High

One of the best things you can do is make sure that the camera is placed up high, where it would be difficult for someone standing on the ground or even on top of a vehicle to reach out and damage the security camera. The overhang of your roof or under the eaves up high are two great locations to mount your security cameras. Depending on the layout of your building, on the top of your building can also be a great place to put your security cameras. They will provide you with good images and be far out of harm's way.

#2 Keep Objects Away From Your Business

Next, in addition to putting your security cameras up high, make sure that you don't make it easy to access your security cameras. Do not back your dumpster up against your building where the security cameras are located. Place your dumpster across the parking lot, away from your building. That way, the dumpster can't be used to access your security camera and any smell from the dumpster is also kept away from your business as an added bonus.

If you have outside furniture, such as seats or benches outside, bring them in when you close up shop. Don't make it easy for someone to access your security cameras.

#3 Properly Mount Your Security Cameras

Make sure that your security cameras are properly mounted. The cameras should be directly attached to the wall of your building using a screw mount or a security mount. Do not just set the security cameras somewhere or use an inadequate means of securing the camera. Use screws to solidly attach the camera to your building.

#4 Put Metal Covers on Your Security Camera

If you are worried about your security cameras getting hit by bats or just hit by objects during wind storms, protect the camera. You can purchase a metal housing or cover to cover over your camera. This protects the camera while keeping the lens open and also you to still get a great image while protecting the overall integrity of the camera.

Protect your business security cameras from damage by placing them up high and securing them with screws to your building. Put a metal cover on your camera for added strength and security.

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