How To Use Security Cameras To Protect Your Retail Store

If you operate a retail store, even if it is a small one, you need a good security system. One of the most important parts of the system is the surveillance camera, and you'll probably want multiple cameras around your property. Here are some ideas for using the cameras to enhance the security of your store and your inventory.

Place Cameras Above Cash Registers

Placing cameras at each cash register allows you to keep records of every transactions. This helps prevent employee theft since you would have video evidence of them stealing money. It also provides your customers with proof of the amount of money they handed the cashier if it ever came into questions. To use a security camera for this purpose, you want one that records in high definition so you can see money being handled clearly. You may also want a system that uses cloud storage so you can keep videos from multiple registers for a few days until you delete them.

Position Cameras At All Doors

Placing cameras on the doors to your building helps you monitor who comes and goes and what time it happens. You'll want a camera with good night vision so you get clear video at night if an intruder tries to break in. You may want to create smaller files with the door cameras and program them to capture still photos at set intervals or only start recording when they detect motion. Remember to buy outdoor housing or a camera that is waterproof and able to withstand temperature extremes if you mount it outside.

Put A Camera In The Parking Lot

Monitoring the parking lot is also a good idea, especially at night so you can watch for suspicious vehicles. To get the best results, install a high-definition camera that allows you to read license plates on the cars. Cameras that monitor your store or your parking lot when you're away can be set up to send you an alert when motion or suspicious activity is being recorded. When you get the alert, you can log onto the security system and watch the video in real time to determine if the threat is real. This type of security system is beneficial if you have night guards watching the monitors all night or if you just want to check in on your store and employees while you're away.

In addition to these strategic points, you'll want cameras inside your store to monitor shoppers. These can provide live recordings or still shots at intervals that you determine. You may also want store cameras that you can operate remotely so you can follow a shopper around the store for closer observation. Video cameras can perform may important security tasks for your store and they can provide high-quality images. Just be sure to understand the type of equipment you buy so you get cameras that will do everything you need to keep your store safe.

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