A Guide To Choosing The Right Commercial Security System For Your New Small Business

If you have recently opened a new small business and are unsure as to which security features it needs, it's important to be aware that there are many different options to choose from. Since some of those features can have a direct and almost immediate impact on your business, it's crucial to familiarize with that information prior to making any commitments. Therefore, the information shared below will allow you to determine how to best protect your business from outside thefts, unwanted intruders and criminal activity with the use of a commercial security system.

#1-Security Systems Can Be Very Complex, Extremely Basic, Or A Combination Thereof

One of the most important aspects of any commercial security systems is undoubtedly the system it uses. For example, you might be happy with a single keypad outside that requires a code to grant entry and a corresponding pad inside that permits you or other designated persons to lock up the facility immediately after. If someone attempts to enter the facility without a code or puts in the wrong code too many times, communications can be sent to the monitoring company and you, as well as law enforcement, can be contacted.

However, you can also choose a security system that uses a person's eye or hand-print to permit entry, which is often a better choice for businesses with very valuable items inside, such as medical offices, high-end electronic stores, and loan or check-cashing facilities. Similarly, you can opt for a single camera that monitors the primary entrance or you might elect to have multiple cameras through the business and adjacent grounds to more effectively screen for unwanted intruders. Motion detectors have become increasingly common for business settings in recent years.

#2-Security Guards Can Often Be On The Premises Whenever You Deem Their Presence To Be Necessary

Unfortunately, many new business owners are under the impression that if they choose to have security guards on the property that those persons have to be there 24/7 or all night, every night. The truth is that most of the time, you can customize the physical presence of one or more guards to the needs of your budget and the surrounding area. For example, if your business is located in an area with a lot of restaurants, bars, and clubs, you might not be as worried about the actions of passers-by or thieves on a Monday or Tuesday night as you might over the weekend. 

Alternatively, if your business is in a high-risk area of town, you might want to know that security guards have a presence at the property when you cannot be there. As part of that, you will need to determine if you want security staff to stay at your business the entire shift, which will be more expensive, or if you want them to make random, unscheduled walk-throughs of the property, which is usually more affordable.

#3-Discounted Insurance Costs May Be Available Due To The Security System At Your Business 

If the cost of a sophisticated system is worrisome at this point, it is a good idea to discuss your plans for a security system with your insurance agent. It is not unusual for insurance companies to provide a significant discount to their small business owners who have a security system in place. In addition, it might also be helpful to determine if that discount would be for any functioning security system or if the presence of certain features would increase your savings. 

In conclusion, small businesses are often the result of hard work and a hearty infusion of cash. As such, you should be aware of the above facts about the security features that your small business requires and the differences between the systems for your home and business. 

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