How Can You Best Secure Your Business's Dimly-Lit Parking Lot?

If you're a business owner, you likely put a great deal of thought into security and anti-theft measures, which may include product tags that set off an alarm unless deactivated, register-counting procedures designed to minimize the risk of employee embezzlement, or even security guards to provide your business with a constant anti-theft presence. However, security doesn't just mean ensuring the safety of the items available for sale; you'll also want to consider your employees' on-the-job safety, including their ability to feel protected while traveling from your business's parking lot or garage to the front door. Read on to learn more about the best security measures for a dimly-lit parking lot.

Motion-activated lights 

The first step toward greater employee security involves transforming your business's parking lot into an environment that deters potential harassers, burglars, vandals, and other miscreants. This generally includes the installation of bright, motion-activated lights; most criminals do their best work in the dark, and few will risk apprehension (or identification) by following or attacking an employee whose path is well-illuminated. Motion-activated lights can also hold some advantages over lights that are operated by a switch, as they'll immediately indicate movement in the area; a burglar who lies in wait until the lights shut off again will be immediately outed once someone passes by at a close enough distance to turn the lights on again. 

Monitored security cameras

If your parking lot is located in a high-crime area, it can be worthwhile to invest in a monitored security camera. This will not only assist in the identification of any individuals who make contact with your employees in an intimidating or harassing manner, it can help prevent vandalism and other crimes that often take place under the cover of darkness. In many cases, the appearance of a security camera alone – with or without an accompanying sign indicating that the premises are monitored – can be enough to deter a would-be burglar or vandal in his or her tracks. 

Guards or escorts

Businesses whose employees regularly travel to and from a parking lot in the dark may benefit from an armed security guard or escort to accompany employees to their vehicles. While this can seem overkill to some employers, hiring a security guard is undoubtedly cheaper than defending against a personal injury or workers' compensation lawsuit brought by an employee who was injured on your property. You may be able to contract with a temp agency or security provider to ensure you're not paying for more hours than you need. 

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