3 Reasons You Should Hire A Private Security Firm To Watch Over Your Business

Before you can calculate how much money your business has made, you have to look at all of your expenses and losses. You may anticipate having to pay taxes or even to replace equipment that becomes damaged, but theft can devastating to a business owner. Even with an alarm system, a security gate and deadbolts, theft can occur with surprising speed. Hiring a private security company won't make your business completely impervious to theft, but it can help to highlight where your company is susceptible to theft by way of employees and customers. These next three benefits of hiring an outside private security company, like MerCorp Protective Services, will show you having security experts present will lower your risk of experiencing widespread company theft and uncontrolled losses. 

1. Better Business Insurance Rates - If your company has merchandise or supplies that can't be accounted for, it will only be a matter of time before you will need to start making insurance claims. You don't want to own a company that has to call the police weekly to report cases of theft, as your insurance premiums will be impacted negatively. A private security company being hired at your business can literally stop theft in an instant, and this additional safety measure may allow you to get lower rates on business insurance products.

2. Less Employee Oversight - It is quite difficult to run a company where theft is a problem and yet have no way of solving it. Even if you have suspicions, it isn't prudent to fire an employee for theft if they haven't been caught in the act. You may not the means to personally watch all the employees that you suspect of theft, but hiring a private security company will enable you to setup better surveillance. Security experts can spot suspicious behavior and provide you with the information necessary to prevent theft in the workplace going forward.

3. The Main Sources Of Theft At Your Company Will Be Identified - It's bad enough to have one rogue employee who feels entitled to take resources from your business, but supporting a company culture that fosters an environment where stealing is made easy is absolutely catastrophic. If an employee is able to steal and get away with it, other workers are also likely to find out. With a private security company, you will find the identities of those who have stolen from your company and you can have them relieved of their duties before your business losses get out of hand.

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