5 Ways Your Automated Home Security System Can Make Your Life Easier

For many, a home security system is still a small box on the wall that they key a code into when they leave or when they come home. However, wireless networking and computer technology have completely evolved how home security works in the modern day, so if you are still stuck with an outdated system, you may be missing out. Home automation is next big thing in home security and it is not without reason. Check out these five ways an automated home security system can make your life easier. 

Remotely control your security system while on the go. 

Life keeps you busy, which means your schedule is probably constantly changing and you may spend a lot of time away from the house. One of the greatest advantages of an automated home security system is the fact that you can remotely control the settings and features when you're not even at home yourself. Many of the modern security systems have software and downloadable apps for your smartphone or tablet that allow you to log into your system and do things like:

  • set the alarms
  • disarm false alarms
  • unlock or lock doors and windows
  • change your pin or passcode

Keep surveillance efforts simple and easy to access. 

Years ago, if your security system contained surveillance cameras, finding certain cuts and clips on certain days could be a long and trying process. With an automated home system, all video and recorded media will be stored in one easy to access place and you can pull up whatever clip you need from the surveillance footage in or outside of your house. Even more convenient, you can access this footage if you choose even while you are away from home. Plus, you can always check out live footage while you are away.

Eliminate the constant concerns of false alarms. 

The older security systems are pretty notorious for triggering false alarms in different situations, which are usually relative to things like accidentally keying in the wrong passcode or other basic human errors. New home automation security systems make it less likely that a basic human error could trigger a false alarm because these systems are far more advanced and yet, easier to control by the homeowner. therefore, having an automated system will mean that you will not spend so much time stressing over false alarm calls that some response teams do charge you for when they happen. 

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