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The new technology that is coming out with security systems is amazing. It seems that a security system is not a security system now without some automation features. With the advances in technology, comes a more secure system. One of the main reasons that it is more secure is it is more customizable to an individual's home. The system is also more customizable to the individual's needs. There are some portions of a home automation system that everyone should be getting excited about. Here are just a few features that make home automation more secure and easier to use.

Automatic Door Locks

There is no doubt that the best type of lock for a door is a deadbolt. However, a lot of the time people forget to lock their deadbolt. There are also times when you need a neighbor to get into the home, and you have to have a key made for them. Well, with automatic door locks these types of problems will go away. From your smartphone, you will have complete access to your door locks. If you forget to lock your door, you can log in and lock your door. You will also be able to let someone into your home by simply logging in and unlocking one of the doors. Once your neighbor has gone, you can lock the door again. 

Security Cameras 

Security cameras have come a very long way in the last few years. The security cameras that you can get now are capable of recording in the dark because of an infrared feature. Perhaps the most important aspect of the modern security camera is that it can be accessed by your smartphone at any time. So, you can actually view live video footage of your home. If you are out and want to check in on the kids, you can look at the video camera. If your neighbor is in your home feeding your dogs while you are on vacation, you can ensure that nothing bad happens. Even if your home is broken into, you can watch the burglars. 

Control Panel

The brains of the entire security system are going to be found in the control panel. The panel is what makes the system so customizable and so easy to use. One of the best things that you will find in the control panel is that there is a cellular chip. This means that there is virtually no way for a burglar to dismantle your system. These new control panels are easier to use, but they are much more secure as well. 

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